Can all you music lovers PLEASE take a few moments out of your busy schedules (i know u r just scrolling aimlessly but wateva) and vote for my amazing friend and her single ‘The Rolling Stone’ at this link. The prize is amazing and she really deserves it. I’ve never met someone who works so hard for their dreams. 

Ps. the singles cover art was drawn by me so i think you should go have a look

whoever keeps posting straight porn needs to stop okay?

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (v7)


i’m still waiting for the real born this way cover


it’s 2013 and people still don’t realize that lady gaga is a theatrical performer and not just a singer and that all of her performances/music videos have a meaning and she’s not just being outrageous for no reason lord help me 

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Ok now that we are all calm… Who the actual fuck is 2 Short?

41,680 plays , Download?



The Prayer, 1865, by William Adolphe Bouguereau / “Body Electric” by Lana Del Rey